Puro is about people: experienced, creative and goal-oriented specialists who use available resources to achieve goals for our clients helping them be more competitive on the market. Our team along with the constant GPS monitoring system will allow you to keep a close eye on the goods you move from A to B.

Our fleet of own trucks is expanding each year. Thanks to this you will always be served with a service you deserve. Trucks are available 24/7. We are not afraid of "difficult loads" and can offer many types of trailers with single or team drivers to ensure your goods are always safely delivered on time.

Our Fleet

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Our Fleet

All trucks are continuously replaced after 36 months which guarantees we always have the most reliable and environmentally friendly units with a full warranty service across Europe.

vehicle type lenght width height capacity
tautliner 13,60 m 2,48 m 2,75 m 24 tons
frigo/box trailer 13,60 m 2,45 m 2,70 m 22 tons
bitemp trailer 13,60 m 2,45 m 2,65 m 22 tons
doopelstock trailer 13,60 m 2,45 m 2,70 m 22 tons
food tank trailer 13,60 m - - 25.000 L

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